Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos Showing How to Remove Honeysuckle Bushes

View our trophy gallery of popped honeysuckles and before/after process photos 

Invasive Honeysuckle Removal

Below is my promotional video with narrative showing me removing some honeysuckle bush, autumn olive and a blackberry bush. The scenes are shortened to keep this clip timely, and these are some of my best examples. 

The rest of my videos really show how good this tool works and what size bushes you can expect to get out. You can also see strategies for attacking and killing larger honeysuckles.


Get Rid of Honeysuckle and Other Shrubs

The video below shows full scenes of popping out a variety of honeysuckle bushes, autumn olive and a big blackberry bush.

This is a great example of exactly what it takes to remove bushes with this tool. The small ones pop out easily and bigger ones may require considerable ammounts of energy, but you can work at your own pace and take your time. After all, they ain't going anywhere.


Using Two Honeysuckle Poppers

2 Poppers on one bush saves a lot of time on the bigger ones. The video below shows ones I could have gotten out myself in a few minutes each, but 2 of us got 'em out in a minute.

If you have a helper and a big patch, you might consider getting a Honeysuckle Popper and a Honeysuckle Popper Lite. You'll get your money's worth because you will be able to get 'em out faster.