Honeysuckle Removal - How It Works

Honeysuckle Removal

  1. You push the tip in, just like a shovel, using the back of the platform. The narrow rounded tip is designed to slip between the spreading roots.
  2. Pull the handle back and apply light pressure to set the platform and make sure the tip is fully engaged under the shrubs root ball. Notice how the bend in the tip cups the bottom, creating a solid contact point that improves as the bush rises out.
  3. Now, you're ready to pop. The best technique is to do short bursts of power rather than trying to pop it in one motion. Smaller bushes, up to 5-6 years old, pop out easily, 5-10 year olds will usually require several 'pops' to remove and 10 - 15's can be taken out too, but I recommend waiting for soft ground before tackling these. Next, smile as the bush rises out, roots and all, never to spread its seeds again.

Honeysuckle Popper illustrated instruction page

How to remove honeysuckle bushes with the popper

Remove buckthorn, honeysuckles, privet, autumn olive and others too.

Basically, The Honeysuckle Popper uses the power of leverage to lift honeysuckles and other invasive bushes out of the ground from below. A 180 pound person can apply over 1800 pounds of upward pressure against the solid root crown that bush honeysuckle and most other shrubs so conveniently have.

The Honeysuckle Popper exploits the weaknesses of the shrubs root system. Since honeysuckles have no tap root or vertical support roots, it makes them susceptible to hooking under their solid root ball and prying them upwards from below. The support roots fan out horizontally rather than vertically and generally stay within 2-6" from ground level. Some bushes have more of a fibrous ball of smaller roots rather than the thicker, longer roots honeysuckle bushes have, however The Popper is equally as effective on them because they also have a 'bottom' for the poppers tip to engage.

When you're ready to start popping, imagine the bush is 'palming a basketball' and you are going to release its grip using the Popper. Some shrubs will release with a single pop in the palm, while others will require breaking one finger at a time until it gives up its grip.

Honeysuckle Removal needs a tool engineered for strength & efficiency

Leverage is what it’s all about with this tool, but The Honeysuckle Popper is much more than just a lever.

  • The bend on the tip ‘cups’ the bottom of the suckle and directs the force upwards.
  • The attached platform with cleat is designed to maintain the pivot point as high as possible and to deter sideways or backward movement when applying pressure. The wood platform is durable and guaranteed not to break apart.
  • The ‘play’ at the pivot point is purposely that way so you can 'jimmie' the tip around a little to get a better bite (if you need it) once the platform is set.
  • The high carbon steel tip and structural steel tube work together, supporting each other so they will not bend.

Diagram with close up of Honeysuckle Popper strong steel tip