Product image of the original Honeysuckle Popper, aka Shrub Buster
Close up of Honeysuckle Popper's strong steel tip
Close up of Honeysuckle Popper in use with nearby root from removed Honeysuckle bush
Product image of the Honeysuckle Popper Shrub Buster Lite
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Product image of the original Honeysuckle Popper, aka Shrub Buster
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Close up of Honeysuckle Popper's strong steel tip
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Close up of Honeysuckle Popper in use with nearby root from removed Honeysuckle bush
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Product image of the Honeysuckle Popper Shrub Buster Lite

Honeysuckle Popper

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The Honeysuckle Popper (aka the Shrub Buster) is the optimum shrub removal tool.

Steel tip inserts under the shrub's roots and 'pops' it out. Built with high quality alloy steel. Strong and heavy-duty. Thick walled structural steel handle with durable powder coat.

The Original model is over 6 feet long and guaranteed to work on most shallow rooted bushes up to 12 to 15 years old.

The Lite model (aka the Shrub Buster Lite) works great on the younger shrubs up to around 4-6 years old.

Most people will be satisfied with the Original tool. However, if your patch is all small ones, the Popper Lite may be tool for you. Also, the Honeysuckle Popper Lite works well for those who may not be able to handle the weight of the full size tool, but would still like to participate in removal efforts.



Weight: 27 pounds
Length: 76 inches


Weight: 20 pounds
Length: 56 inches

The Popper Happiness Guarantee


Our customers love their Poppers. We believe in it so much, that we'll give you 100% of your money back if you're dissatisfied for any reason. Buyer responsible for return shipping.


We will replace any damaged or defective part. No charge. Please understand this is a one man tool and that 2 people applying leverage can bend it, rendering it useless. If you abuse the tool or accidentally bend it, please contact us and we will replace the bent tube at cost.

Large quantity orders

If you're ordering more than 5 Shrub Busters, please call us at (937) 313-1196 to arrange the best shipping options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kevin P OBrien

The device worked great once I put it together, but I had to do some hole drilling to assemble it--the holes in what was sent did not line up--it wasn't even close. It worked well on some very big roots.

Quality Specialized Tool

My hairdresser described a tool she used to remove honeysuckle several years ago. The Honeysuckle Popper is what she described.
The Popper arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. The included literature is valuable information.
I was able to remove many small honeysuckle. I intend to remove larger honeysuckle throughout the summer (after rain). I look forward to continued success removing honeysuckle from my property and replacing it with native plants.

Paul Biere
Solidly built tool

I found the tool heavier than I anticipated it would be, making it unwieldy for my wife. I think it had to be built that solidly in order to do the job. Many smaller plants can be pulled out manually without a tool. Working when the soil is wet makes for easier work. This thing worked well on larger honeysuckle plants . It’s quite satisfying to see those big ones lift up out of the ground. I lost the pin holding the hitch pin connection to the wooden part second day I used it. Easily replaced. Perhaps will try to find a pin not so easily dislodged. I am confident that the bar will stand up without bending and it gives pretty incredible leverage.

Paul W.
Versatile Extractor

Popper assembled easily and I immediately went after some yard and pond pests. We don't have Honeysuckle (that I know of) but I knew this popper would work on other shrubs and do so without destroying the yard like heavier equipment would. We have heavy clay soil so my popper trial occurred in the spring with wet soil. First up was a large burning bush which the deer had finally finished off. I could work about 120 degrees around the 3-inch trunk. Within 10-min the bush had submitted and was lying on its side. The strength of the popper was evident as it endured substantial bending stress without deformation. Second test was an arborvitae with very little alive. Same result as previous.
This hand tool is capable and is a valuable addition to the manual outdoor tool collection.

Kim Montgomery
LOVE my Mr Honeysuckle Popper

I've been helping with Bush Honeysuckle eradication through various volunteer groups for more than 20 years and SO wish I'd discovered this 19 1/2 years ago!!! In the 6 hours I spent last weekend either alone or with 1 other person, I was able to clear an area that would have taken me literally d.a.y.s. to do without the popper. And, with only about 3 exceptions, the entire root/crown of each bush was able to be popped out with only this tool; the 3 that needed some extra persuasion were larger bushes, and then, it was only the main tap root that needed to be cut w/the shovel to complete the job. Said tap roots were each larger than several of my fingers, combined - and the trunks of the "bushes" were larger than several small trees.
This tool is honestly LIFE changing in terms of how much less effort it takes to clear areas of bush honeysuckle. I think it took us longer to trim and tie the branches up into bundles to be picked up with our yard waste than it did to remove the bushes from the ground!