Kill Honeysuckle Bushes of All Sizes

How to Kill Honeysuckle

Remove Even Large Honeysuckle Bushes with the Popper

HOW BIG A' ONES CAN I GET OUT? Is a question I often get but I can't say for sure because a lot depends on the weight, strength and mostly determination of the operator. From my extensive experience and comments I've received, I can safely say that the average man can pop out honeysuckles up to 10 ft. high (8-10 years old) fairly easily and 10 to 15 ft ones (10 - 15 years old) with a little work. Regardless of the height though, what really matters is the stump size and shape. Below, I can give you a good idea and show you ones that I've gotten out.

This picture has 2 general types of honeysuckle stumps. The 4" and 8.5" are what I call 'multi-stem'. The 3.5" is 'solid stem' around 10 years old.

Popped honeysuckle roots from 3.5 to 8.5 feet


Look at the roots and you will notice that root size mimics the stem size. This is almost always the case. The 3.5" (diameter) is what I call 'solid stem', the 4" and 8.5" are 'multi-stem'. The 3.5" solid and the 8.5" multi-stem take about the same amount of effort because of the difference in the roots.

Almost everyone will be able to get out the 4" multi-stem (6-8ft tall) in a single pop with either popper, and solid stems up to 1-2" (6-10' tall). My wife has taken out some over 10' tall with the Popper-Lite. It's laughable how easy all the ones smaller than this pop out, so I'm not wasting any time on them.

The 8.5" multi (8-12' tall) and 3.5" solid (10-15' tall) are Popper H-D territory, and I remove ones like this regularly with relative ease. Both of these will usually take 2-6 'pops' and 2-5 minutes to totally remove with some experience. 

Once you start getting to ones larger than the above, you definitely need some experience with the popper. I have popped out some whoppers myself. I'll go to work on a big one, but if I get past 15 minutes or so, I give up, cut it down and smother the stump with plastic which kills the stump. The ones over 5" (diameter) solid stem and 10" multi-stem are too big for me, so I saw them off and smother without attempting using the Popper.

Some big honeysuckle bushes popped by a couple customers and myself.

Happy Honeysuckle Popper customer with large popped Honeysuckle

Happy Honeysuckle Popper customer


Mister Honeysuckle largest popped honeysuckle

Mister Honeysuckle biggest popped so far


Man with large popped honeysuckle

Impressive popped honeysuckle


man holding large popped honeysuckle

Large popped honeysuckle